John Taylor Free School Uniform Policy

If you are in any doubt about what is/is not permitted, please check with the school beforehand.  The policy can be downloaded here.

John Taylor Free School is a ‘uniformed’ school. Therefore there is a clear expectation that students attending John Taylor Free School will wear the full uniform appropriately and that this expectation will be supported by parents.

Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform:
• Promotes a sense of pride in the school;
• Engenders a feeling of community and belonging;
• Is practical and smart;
• Identifies the children with the school;
• Is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be);
• Makes students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and financial circumstances;
• Is regarded as suitable and good value for money, by most parents.

The following items are available from our uniform suppliers. The details of the suppliers are listed at the end of this policy.

BLAZERS: School specific grey blazer with school emblem on pocket (available from school uniform suppliers). Blazers are expected to be worn at all times, unless permission has been given by staff to remove it.

TIES: All students wear a clip on tie reflecting their house colours of:


SKIRTS: School specific, tartan skirt only. These must be knee-length (i.e. the skirt touches the floor if the student kneels) at the start of September. We appreciate that students grow over the year so suggest that parents take growth into consideration when buying a skirt. It will be the school’s decision if we deem the skirt to have become too short i.e. it is sitting above the knee.

School Jumper: A V neck jumper with the school logo is optional. There is a choice of long sleeve or no sleeves from our uniform suppliers. Cardigans, vest-style etc. are not permitted.

The following items can be purchased at a retail outlet of your choice. Please ensure that the items adhere to the policy expectations. If in any doubt, please check with school before purchase. This may be particularly relevant for trousers and shoes.

SHIRTS: Plain white with formal collar. Long or short sleeve. The shirt must be long enough to be properly tucked into trousers/skirts and suitable to be worn with a tie. Fitted or fashion shirts are not permitted.

TROUSERS: Plain (no decorative: buttons, zips, belts etc.) black, tailored school trousers ONLY. Trousers which are ‘fashion’ style, those that become narrower at the ankle, have turn ups, 'ankle grazers' are tight fitting, low slung or Lycra based, are not permitted.

FOOTWEAR: Only black, plain (no colour trim or unnecessary adornment e.g. big bows, flowers, studs etc.) standard leather-style school shoes will be permitted.

Black trainers, canvas-style shoes, backless shoe, suede look etc. will not be permitted. Trainer-style school shoes (often displayed in the school shoes section of shops – reputable shoe shops included) are not permitted. Boots are also not allowed.

Socks/tights: Black, grey or white school socks. Black, grey or natural coloured tights (not patterned). Over-the-knee socks are NOT permitted.

Hair: should be neat and tidy without decorative attachments, this includes additional braids. Extreme styles, unnatural hair colours, tram lines or other shaved shapes in the hair or eyebrows are not permitted.

Make-up: No make-up should be worn, which includes eyebrows. Tinted or cosmetic contact lenses are not permitted. False eye lashes are not permitted.

Nails: No nail polish should be worn, nor should acrylic nails. Nails grown to a length that is deemed a health and safety issue, will need to be cut down. As a guide, when looking at the nail from the inside/palm side of the hand, the nails should not extend over by more than 2mm.

Jewellery: No jewellery, except for one wrist watch and a maximum of one plain set of stud ear-rings, metal-coloured, one in each ear, worn in the lower ear lobe. No other piercings are permitted. Retainers are not permitted.

Belts: Plain black. If a belt is worn it should be for functional not decorative purposes. Maximum width for belt and for plain buckle = 4cms.

SCARVES/HATS/GLOVES: Are permitted but cannot be worn anywhere inside the building.

A hijab can be worn but must be plain, black and must not cover either the face or uniform.
A turban can be worn but must be plain black.
Please contact the school directly should you feel that there is a need for any other item to be worn due to religious beliefs.

OUTDOOR COATS: Outdoor coats should be appropriate for school, it would be advised that they are waterproof/showerproof and so should not be a fashion item. These are to be worn over the blazer. Hoodies or tracksuit style tops are NOT permitted.

MOBILE PHONES & other electronic devices:
There is no need to bring electronic devices into school. Mobile phones must be switched off (not just on silent) and remain in the student’s bag whilst on the school site. There may be times in the school day when a member of staff allows the student to use their phone during a lesson e.g. to photograph a piece of work, but that would be the only time when it would be acceptable to use it. Phones/electronic devices brought into school remain the sole responsibility of the student. If a mobile phone is seen or heard then it will be confiscated and handed to Mrs Plant who will then contact the student's parent to collect it. Headphones may not be worn on the school site unless permission is given by a member of staff during a lesson. Phones and headphones will only be used as part of the learning experience when directed and supervised by a member of staff – they may not be seen or used at any other time.

The school specific PE kit can be purchased from our school uniform suppliers.


  • School specific T-shirt in House colour (there are 2 versions available)
  • School specific shorts in House colour
  • School specific tracksuit bottoms / plain black tracksuit bottoms. As per school trousers, these should not be ‘skinny fit’.
  • Black knee length socks
  • White ankle socks
  • Sports trainers (NOT fashion trainers, non-marking sole)
  • Shin pads and gum shields (for some contact sports – school will advise when needed)
  • Football boots (for football and rugby lessons)


  • If your child is cold, they may wear a school specific PE jumper in House colour or school specific rugby shirt in House colour (worn over the top as a jumper or in place of a T-shirt), or their blazer. Hoodies are not permitted
  • School specific rugby shorts with school logo
  • Plain black ‘skins’ or equivalent
  • Students can wear plain black, leggings beneath their shorts if they wish to. This is not instead of shorts and must be leggings – tights are not allowed due to hygiene reasons.

There will be strictly no use of any other aspect of fashionable PE clothing.

It is advised that students have their kit NAMED.

All jewellery should be removed for PE lessons.


WB Global Trading Limited: Online and retail shop www.wbglobaltrading.co.uk

Email: mt@wbglobaltrading.co.uk     Tel:  01283 711538 / 07799 752686

20 Bells End Road, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire, DE12 8ND


My Uniform Ltd: Online and retail shop www.myuniformltd.co.uk

Email: sales@myuniformltd.co.uk          Tel: 01283 619224

82 Wellington Street, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2DS


SchoolWear UK: Online only www.schoolwearuk.co.uk

Email: customerservices@schoolwearuk.co.uk


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